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Cut Energy Bills With a Solar Panel install

For the money saving savvy home owners who are looking to build your own solar panel system, there are many DIY solar panels that you can purchase or order. Depending on the amount of work you are trying to do on your own, there are many solar panel kits to choose from, which require differing amounts of work from those who want to build your own solar panel kits for the home, this article will give you the best start.

Build a Solar Panel System To Be Proud of!

When choosing the right kit for your needs, and when you buy solar panels to create the solar energy power for your home, taking the time to compare a couple of kits is the best way to ensure you choose the right ones. Making a bad choice could end up costing you more than hiring a professional.

build your own solar panel


For those who want to build your own solar panel system, although it might be a bit more expensive to do so (than hiring a professional to do it), you are going to be able to select the power you really want.

Since there are several panel kits that you can choose from, the prices are going to vary; so, you are going to be able to gauge the cost of the panels, the installation costs, and how much additional equipment might cost, when you choose to build the panels (as opposed to hiring a professional) yourself.

And, if you choose the right kits, it is possible to save on the total prices you will end up paying, because the amount and quality of the kit you buy may fluctuate based on how well the panels will work for energy production.

Simplicity in Design –

For those who want to know how to build your own solar panels at home, due to the fact that there are so many kits, tutorials, and DIY lessons, you will find that it is much easier to build the panels than you would expect. With a few tools, a little bit of knowledge and know how, and only a few hours time, you are going to be able to build the panels for your home.

Many of the DIY kits you purchase to build your own solar panel at home are quite simple, and require only a few steps to be completed (after the initial electrical work is completed) when you want to do the job on your own.

With only a few tools, and with basic knowledge of electrical circuits, any home owner is going to be able to put together the DIY solar panel kit they buy, when they choose to build their own panels.

The Main Advantages Of The Build Your Own Solar Panel Systems

Advantages –

There are several advantages a home owner will realise when they choose to build their own panels, rather than hiring a professional (or sticking with traditional electric power). Some benefits include:

  • – Do not have to pay professionals a high cost for installation;
  • – You can design the panels in the manner you best see fit;
  • – You can take the amount of time you need to complete the project;
  • – You no longer have to pay a monthly electric bill; and,
  • – Your home is going to run on “greener” and cleaner energy, meaning you are doing something great for your
    home and pocketbook, as well as for the environment.

In addition to these advantages, for those who enjoy doing DIY projects, and like building things, when you choose to build your own solar panel system at home, it is a project which is going to take you some time to complete, and requires some technical knowledge. So, you are going to have a project which gives you some challenges, and allows you to really get in to the construction process when you build your own solar panel system for your home.

Size of the Panels –

 Depending on the kit, the size of your home, and the budget that you have set (as well as your own personal preference for each home owner), the size of the solar panels are going to vary. So, if you have a larger home, which requires more energy, you may choose a kit with larger panels.

For those who have a smaller home, or do not want extremely large panels over their home, you might find that there are smaller DIY kits that you can purchase, when you want to build you own solar panel system for your home. So, taking the time to compare a few kits, and finding the one that has the panels that are going to provide sufficient energy, and are the desired size for your home, are some things for home owners to look for when they want to complete this DIY project in their own home.

Power Needs –

Depending on your power needs for the size of your home, each individual who chooses to complete a DIY solar panel system at their home, will find they are going to require a different amount of energy output. Based on what the kits provide (reading the description to determine whether or not the panels are going to provide sufficient energy), there are different kits for each home owner.

Only basic tools are needed

So, comparing the energy output you currently use, you will find there are different kits which are going to offer sufficient sources of energy. Based on how complex a DIY job you are looking for, each individual home owner is going to choose a different panel system when they are building their own solar panel system for their home.

Battery Voltage Necessity –

When connecting the DIY panels, home owners also have to know what the energy requirements are. This is going to determine which battery to purchase when connecting the panels to the breaker system, and how much energy they are going to need to run the panel system. Learning this information prior to starting the panel construction is something to consider, to ensure you choose the right panels, and to ensure you have enough energy sources to provide power to the panel system once you have completed construction.

A home owner has to consider all of these factors when they choose to build you own solar panel home system; this will help them decide which panels are sufficient to power their home, and which ones are going to be the easiest to complete the DIY project. Just make sure to take time and do the research before parting with your hard earned cash, this is probably the best advice we can offer.

DIY Solar Panels For Your Home

How To Build Home Solar Panel Systems

These days, the cost of fuel is increasingly steadily each and every single day. It will not be too long before the cost of powering a home becomes one of the most expensive expenses for any family. As a result, more and more people today are experimenting with building solar panels on their own in order to offset their household’s annual utility bills.

how to build a solar panel

If you are wondering how to build a solar panel, than you are in luck. The process itself is very simple and straight forward, however the skills needed are not necessarily the easiest to learn.

There are many tools that you are going to need in order to build your own solar panels. You will also need the right materials to complete the project.

Your first step when it comes to building a solar panel is determine how many watts your will be needing. You will also need to know what voltage output you will be needing. This is important as it determines the size of the final panel, the number of cells and their arrangement. Each individual cell only produces a finite amount of power and to get the energy you need to power your home, you are going to need hundreds if not thousands of cells.

Now that you have determined the size and layout of your panel, you will need to create a water-tight frame that will have a glass pane on one side and the cells on the other. While many people have been making their frames out of wood, if you are better at working with metal than it is suggested that you build a frame using aluminum angle bar.

Your clear pane of glass must somehow mount snugly to the frame. This has to be a water-tight seal as well. Preventing water from getting to the solar cells is important as both the bus bars and other electrical connections will oxidize and corrode. Over time, this oxidation and corrosion will reduce the efficiency of the panel.

Your cells will then be soldered together on the back side of the pane of glass and attached to the glass. Most people attach the individual cells to the glass using clear silicone sealant which is available at any hardware store. Some people simply apply a bead around the cells while others completely immerse the cells in a thinned down caulk solution.

Professionally manufactured solar panels  usually feature a backing plate as the cells are very fragile. Chances are that you will break or chip a number of cells while you are assembling your very first panel. If you have decided to immerse your cells in a solution of silicone and toluene, then you might want to think about using a plate of aluminum as a backing plate as it will also double as a heat sink.

Making sure that each cell is firmly attached to the panel and that they are all sealed from contact with moisture is important as it prevents corrosion of the terminals. However, keeping the cells cool increases their efficiency. Solar cells heat up when they are in the sun and the hotter they get, the less efficient they are. This is the purpose of using a heat sink on the backside of the panel whenever it is possible.

While there are many great ways of building a solar panel on your own, not everyone has the skills necessary to complete the task from start to finish. For this reason, specially made kits have been developed which makes it easier to assemble your own solar panels. When compared to purchasing a commercially manufactured solar panel, choosing to build one or assemble one on your own is a great way to save even more money.make your own solar kits

Your goal when building a solar panel is that it will last you at least 20 years with the most minimal of maintenance possible. This means that the cells need to be completely sealed from the environment and the glass is as durable as possible. While you may be tempted to use the thinnest pane of glass you can find, keep in mind that thin glass breaks all too easily.

In the end, if you are successful at building your own panels, you can save a bundle. With a commercial panel costing thousands of dollars and a homemade one costing only a few hundred dollars, the savings is clear.

Not to mention the fact that if you build a large enough array that you can afford to buy cells by the case, you can save even more money. Today, one can build their own solar panels for a lot less than a dollar per watt; which has been the all important cost barrier that has prevented solar technology from becoming more common. Home built panels these days cost less than half of a dollar per watt.

How To Build A Solar Panel