How To Build A Solar Panel The Easy Way

More and more people these days are opting to build a solar panel of their own. Some of them plan on offsetting their family’s annual utility bills while others are simply experimenting with the technology. Regardless of your reasons, it is great step forward to seek more earth friendly means of generating to build a solar panel right

The process of building a solar panel is a simple one, but you will also need to have certain skill sets. However, if you are wondering how to build a solar panel on your own, the following is an outline of the steps and skills needed to complete this project.

Today, it is completely possible for you to purchase a commercially manufactured solar panel for a few thousand dollars. However when you choose to build your own, it will only cost you a couple hundred dollars; and some of your own hard work and time.

Before you can begin construction of your own panel, you will need to decide how many watts you want the panel to produce as well as what power you want it to put out. Your output power will depend upon the electronics that you choose to purchase to invert the direct current to that of AC. Keep in mind that the higher the voltage pout out by the panel, the more efficient the power inversion process will be.

Being as efficient as efficient as possible is very important. Not only should the panel be designed to be as efficient as it possibly can, you must also make sure to purchase the most efficient cells possible. More efficient cells will cost more, but they produce more watts for a given area,

You will need to build a frame for your panel. Most people build theirs using wood. A simple wooden frame is easy to make. If the wood is properly sealed from the elements than it will also last a long time too.

Make sure that the lumber you select is as dry as possible before you start constructing the frame. Keep the bugs out of the wood by mixing Borax in hot water and spraying it on the finished frame before priming and painting it. This causes borate crystals to form on the surface grains of the wood which keeps the bugs from digging in.

Choose a think and durable pane of glass. The glass should not have any form of reflective coating on it. Remember that it has to let the light through, while also protecting the very fragile solar cells from damage. Since glass is not perfectly transparent, you may have to make a choice between thickness versus performance. At the same time, the thicker the glass is, the more the panel will weigh.

The cells will be soldered together in a complex mix of serial and parallel connections in order to create the desired output. In series, the voltage increases but the amperes stay the same. In parallel, the amperes increase, but the volts stay the same. The law of energy conservation tells us though, that the output watts of the panel are the same regardless of the how the cells are soldered together. Therefore, the watts are determined by the actual number of cells in the panel.

After being soldered, the cells will need to be sealed and attached to the glass pane. The best option is to make use of ordinary clear silicone adhesive. Silicone adhesive can be very thick and hard to work with, but it can be thinned down using toluene. In commercially manufactured panels, the cells are soldered together first than incased in silicone before final panel assembly.

Protecting the back side of the panel is also important depending on the expected use. If you only plan on placing the solar panels on your roof and will be careful not to break any cells, then you may not even need a backing.

However, when the backside needs protection, try to use a heat sink material such as a plate of aluminum. Since the efficiency of the panel decreases as the temperature increases, making sure that the cells stay cool is therefore imperative to the panel’s it yourself save thousands

The cells and all the connections need to be sealed from the elements as they will eventually corrode. Corrosion is the number one cause of failure in a solar panel which is why commercially manufactured unit are first sealed before assembly and why they are also so very expensive too.

If you are not up to the task of building a solar panel, you may also choose to use a kit that only requires final assembly.


DIY Solar Panel Kits

DIY Solar Power Kits Will Save You Money

More and more people are wanting to reduce their monthly electricity bills as much as possible these days. The cost of producing electricity with fossil fuels is just getting too expensive in recent years. As such, many people have already decided to install solar panels on their home. However, since commercially manufactured solar panels are so expensive, many people have opted to make their own instead.

DIY Solar Panel Kits

Not everyone has the skill sets needed to build a solar panel from scratch. Maybe you can’t solder or lack the ability to build the frame for your panel. Regardless of your reasons for not building your own solar panels, it is good to know that today one only needs to buy DIY solar power kits.

For most who do not have the thousands needed to purchase commercial panels and lack the time and skills to build a panel from scratch, a DIY solar panel kit is the obvious solution. Furthermore, it offers anyone who has very little knowledge about solar energy an in-depth introduction to the many aspects of building a panel.

There are many different kits that are available today. You can get small kits that are good for only a few watts, or you can get large sets that can produce thousands of watts of power. Furthermore the amount of skill needed to assemble a panel from a kit can vary depending on the company offering it. For the beginner, you may only need to make a few solders and then screw together two panels. However, for the more advanced kits, you may need to do all of the soldering and assembling because you are only provided with the basic parts precut and drilled.

If you have ever looked into the cost of installing a solar panel ,then you will notice that a commercially made unit can cost thousands of dollars. If you hire a company to install it, the price can get even higher. However, if you buy your own cells and make every part of the panel from scratch, then it may only cost a couple hundred dollars to build a panel. DIY solar power kits on the other hand cost only slightly more than a build from scratch, yet included professionally cut and drilled pieces that come complete with a warrantee.

Don’t be intimidated by the thought of building your own solar panel. Sure the first one you build may not be that easy to complete, but once you have the opportunity to build one panel, each new one that you build is just that much easier. Since most homes will need many panels to provide a complete off-grid experience, you will have plenty of opportunities to become an expert in building your own solar power systems.

Start off the right way by using a DIY solar power kit and build up the experience you need to build larger and more complex systems. You will learn a lot from the experience and also save a bundle in the process. So whether you lack the skills or time needed to build a panel from scratch, or just do not want to spend the large quantities needed to purchase commercial units, a kit is the best option.

Just think, in no time you can be producing your own electricity. Start off small and create enough electricity to power some small appliances in your home and then work your way up. In time, you will be able to love entirely off-grid. If you are lucky enough to live in an area which allows you to sell your excess energy back to the power companies, than you actually make some profit in the process.get some help with the install

You will be doing your part to help save the environment and develop a more sustainable community by choosing to make use of solar panel in your home or business. Countless home owners and business owners across the nation have already installed solar panels and are reaping the many benefits of solar power.

While the costs of solar technologies are steadily decreasing, don’t sit around and wait too long to install your first solar panel by choosing to put together a do-it-yourself kit that is ready to go and easy to assemble.


Advantages Of Solar Energy

Advantages Of Solar Energy For Your Home

In the past, we have turned to a number of sources for the production of electricity which is used in homes and businesses everywhere. While we may have a number of hydroelectric and nuclear power plants, much of the world’s electricity is still produced using fossil fuels which pollute the air and water.advantages of solar energy

Over the past few decades, solar energy has been slowly gaining popularity in the industry. However, many insist that this progress has not been as fast as it should have been.

For most of this time, the cost for fossil fuels was negligible compared to the cost of building a solar cell. However, in the last decade, we have seen a great reduction in the cost of producing a cell and have even broke the all-important dollar per watt barrier that has prevented solar energy from being a main power source in many countries across the globe.

There are many advantages of solar energy. More and more people are turning to the sun as a sustainable source of energy for our planet. After all, it is just one giant nuclear reactor. While it will eventually burn out billions of years from now, it is none the less a consistent source of energy that can be harnessed here on Earth.

Solar energy is an environmentally friendly means of producing electricity. Sure a lot of power is expended in the creation of a cell and some of the panel construction materials may not be all that friendly to the planet, but the many years of service that a panel can offer along with the watts it can create throughout its years of service, it is none the less safer than any fossil fuel power plant. There are no gases being released by the photovoltaic conversion process so there is absolutely no air pollution with their use.

A solar panel is just that; a panel. In order to produce electricity from the sun using solar cells, there is no need for moving parts. Granted in more advanced power plants they may be utilizing a solar tracking system which is composed of moving parts, but the panels themselves never move. As a result, the most maintenance they will see, is the regular cleaning of the protective cover glass.

Since there are no moving parts in a solar panel, there is also no noise. Noise pollution is another downside to using fossil fuels for energy production. Their combustion produces noises which can be annoying and disturbing to those nearby. A solar plant however can be placed on the roof of a building in any neighborhood and as produce reliable amounts of energy without making a sound.

Sure the cost of purchasing all of the equipment needed to run a home or a business on solar power can be expensive, but because the life of the equipment exceeds 20 years, it ends up being much cheaper. For many the initial cost is the biggest burden to bear, but the system will soon produce enough power to have you investment paid in full. Many homeowners like the idea of never paying an electric bill again.

For most people though, it is the overwhelming cost of solar panels which prevents them from installing a system in their home. The good news though, is that in the past few years, many new technologies have been introduced which have helped to lower the cost of a solar panel. Today you can find many different types to choose from such as mono and poly crystal cells, dye sensitive cells and many others. Just remember that the lower the cost, the less efficient the panel will be.

solar kits are not expensive

If you can also afford the battery storage system, then you never have to rely on grid energy ever again. You will be completely reliant upon your own panels to power your home all year long.

At the same time, even if you cannot afford an expensive battery bank, in many places you can use the grid as a storage system by simply selling the power company your excess power in the day time and buying back from them in the evenings.

Solar energy technology is constantly being improved every day and as each day goes by, the cost to manufacture solar cells decreases. However, do not wait forever to install your own system. Build your own system and get all the advantages of solar energy at home.

Solar Panel Kits For Home